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Café Signes: a place of integration

This is a coffee as all the coffees offer drinks in a welcoming and friendly to an audience of customers that they are deaf or hearing. It also proposes a pole "Cyber-cafe". This Coffee is a workshop ESAT Jean Moulin. There shall be an extension of the activity on the policy objective, social and educational Entraide Universitaire.
Since 1954, the Association seeks to welcome and support children, adolescents and adults with disabilities. She has acquired a particularly important skill in the field of deafness. Entraide Universitaire working to restore its status of full citizenship to every person she welcomes.
The Café Signes, meeting place and learning from each other, is an enactment of tolerance. It is a reciprocal integration, a place of openness, sharing and mutual enrichment: a good start for a revolutionary human adventure.

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